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Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and had a great holiday. The children have already demonstrated that they have come back eager and motivated to learn.


This term our topic is 'History Thieves' where we will be studying the history and geography of South America. We will research the lives of the Mayans and Aztecs, look at these cultures' influences on art and architecture and learn lots of fascinating facts about these ancient civilisations. The children's key task in this topic is to design a tour of South America. In English, we will continue to read our class novel 'Journey to the River Sea.' This wonderful book is set in South America and so links closely to our topic. The children have shown that they have really enjoyed this book so far and I'm looking forward to developing their Literacy skills through further study of the book.


In Science, our first half term will centre around the topic of 'Properties and Changes of Materials'. They will investigate how certain materials change under particular conditions, for example melting and freezing. The children will enhance their scientific skills through the design of investigations that involve fair testing.


Homework and spellings will be given out next week on Monday 15th January and will be expected to be handed in on Friday 19th. As always, homework will reflect the learning we have been doing in class and will be appropriate to your child's individual ability. Please come and speak to a member of staff if you have any questions about homework. 


Reading books need to be in school every day and we expect children to read at least three times a week. Children are encouraged to take responsibilty for their own learning and read alone, but they do also need to be reading regularly with an adult. As well as 'reading' the words, your child needs to understand what they are reading about. Please ask your child about the meaning of new words, the feelings of characters and encourage them to give opinions about what they have read. 

Year 5 Christmas Party

We had a fabulous time today at our Christmas party. We enjoyed playing a game of 'Pin the carrot on the snowman' as well as a traditional game of Pass the Parcel. We did a lot of dancing and running about!


Investigating Cubed Numbers 24.11.17

Today the children have been investigating Cube numbers. They began by using multilink cubes to represent the first 5 cube numbers, 1, 8, 27, 64 and 125. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Rainforests in a box

Last week, we completed our key task which was to create a 'Rainforest in a box.' The children all worked hard on these and produced some fantastic work. Many thanks to parents for providing us with boxes and other resources. 

Homework and Reading

Unfortunately, there are still a number of children who are not completing their homework and/or are not reading regularly at home. 


Homework is always given out to support the learning that we do in class and is differentiated to suit individual abilities. Homework is always fully explained to the children, but is also meant to be a little challenging so that it is purposeful. We understand there may be occasional instances where homework can not be completed, but this should not be a regular occurrence. Children that are not completing their homework regularly will miss a break time and complete it then.


Homework is generally given out on a Monday and due in on the Friday of the same week. This means that children have ample opportunity to seek help if they feel they do not understand the work given. This week, homework has been given out on Friday to be completed for the Monday following half term. We have spent about 20 minutes going through the homework so that all children were clear about the questions and expectations. Thank you for your support. 



Destination Judo, Friday 6th October


5B started the day in a very energetic fashion on Friday when they took part in a demonstration session led by John from Destination Judo. The children were told about the skills needed for the sport, such as fast hands and feet. They did some activities which helped them to use and develop these skills. The children have all received a leaflet containing information about when Judo sessions are taking place. 

Lexi - If Only

Still image for this video
Lexi from 5B shares her own version of the poem 'If only' by Rudyard Kipling

National Poetry Day, Thursday 28th September

On National Poetry Day, Year 5 looked at poem 'If only' by Rudyard Kipling. There children wrote their own poem based on this , ensuring they used imaginative and powerful language to create imagery and emotion. 


Here are some example verses from the children's poems


If only...

I could explore the depths of the galaxy,

I'd capture thousands of stars and inhale them into my heart

By Ayesha


If only...

I could paralyse evil,

I'd save the world and keep everyone safe

By Lexi


If only ...

I could scale the slippery slopes of Mount Everest,

I'd climb to the top of the world and sing my heart out.

By Lana


If only.....

I could stop animal cruelty and prevent poaching,

I'd make animals safe and free to roam around.

By Anthony


If only...

I could fly across the Solar System,

I'd leap and dance on the rings of Saturn.

By Amy




Our First Two Weeks

It was lovely to see the children again after six weeks off. I feel very privileged to work with this group of children again and it's been a pleasure to see them grow in their confidence and knowledge since they started with me in year three.


Now the children have moved into Upper Key Stage Two, the expectations on them are even higher and the majority of children have returned to school with a fantastic attitude to taking on the challenges of Year 5. They have shown that they have retained the skills they have learned in previous years and are eager to develop these further. I'm particularly impressed with their attitude to reading. Most of 5B are reading more than the expected three times a week and have been asking to change their books on a regular basis. 


All the children have been impressing me with their maths skills. Currently, we are learning about numbers up to 1,000,000 and how to read, write, name and order them. They have produced some fantastic work in maths and have shown excellent reasoning and problem solving skills.


Nearly all children handed their homework in on time this week and the remainder asked if they could complete the work at break time. This is a fantastic start to the year and I thank you for your support at home.


Mrs Buckton

Wonderful setting descriptions

In the slideshow above are just three of the wonderful setting descriptions the children wrote this week. The descriptions are based on the book Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. So far in the book, the children have been reading about a young boy Michael who is travelling around the world on a boat with his parents and sheepdog. In this piece of work, the children were describing a night on the ocean. 

Year 5's Key Task

At the beginning of each term, the children are given a 'Key Task' which relates to their work in Topic (Humanities).


This term, we are going to be learning about the rainforests of the world and our key task is to create a rainforest in a box. 

Key Task Poster

Our School Councillors and Eco-Warriors


On Thursday, the children voted for who they'd like to represent 5B in the School Council. The children elected were Thalia and Jayden.


The children are looking forward to attending the meetings and collecting ideas from their class to share. Both children have said that they intend to make a difference and change things for the better.


We also elected our class Eco Warriors. The children elected were Ayesha and Anthony.


Ayesha and Anthony have already been telling me off for leaving the lights and whiteboard on when we leave the classroom.


Anthony says, "I am looking forward to helping to make our school more environmentally friendly."


Ayesha says, "I am going to make sure that we get a recycling bin in our room because we don't have one at the moment."


Our School Councillors and Eco Warriors

Our School Councillors and Eco Warriors 1
Our School Councillors and Eco Warriors 2

Our Class Charter

The Class Charter shows a set of rules that children have developed themselves through discussion and group work. This year, the class have also produced a set of 'Non Negotiables' which relate to their work and it's presentation rather than behaviour. You can view a copy of both of these below.

 The children know that we all have high expectations for their work and behaviour at all times. Making the charter gives them more ownership of these expectations. 

Class Charter and Non Negotiables

Year 5 Welcome Newsletter

Swimming and P.E

This year, each class in year 5 will only be swimming for half of the year. 5B will begin swimming after the February half term. 


Children need to have their P.E kits in school at all times, as sometimes we have extra sessions or sports specialists in school. We recognise that the children may want to have their kit washed more often as they get older, but ask that they take their kits home on a Friday and bring them back on a Monday. Children who do not have their kit in school for P.E will lose dojo points. This year, 5B have P.E on a Thursday. 



Reading and Homework

As the children get older, we encourage them to take more responsibility for their learning and ensuring that they are ready to learn. It is expected that children have their reading book in school every day and read at home at least three times a week. We understand that sometimes it may not be possible to read with your child. Therefore, children are allowed to make their own comment which demonstrates their understanding of the book. e.g. I enjoyed it when, I like (character) because, I didn't enjoy the part where...

However, we ask that adults read with children as regularly as possible and that children aren't continuously making their own comments. 


In Year 5, children are given two pieces of homework every week. This is given out on a Monday and is to be returned by the Friday in the same week. You will notice that the children now have professionally printed homework books. We ask that they treat them with the care and respect as they would do with all of their books in school. 

Survival Day: Wednesday 6th September

Today Years 5 and 6 have been working with Sam and Sarah from 'Scouted' to learn about surviving in the wild. 


The activities started with building mini 'lean to' dens from materials gathered in the woods. The children worked excellently in small groups to build their dens. We saw great examples of team work, communication and creative thinking during this task. You will see in the photos that the dens became more than just simple shelters with additions such as fires, pools and beds!


Following this task, the children were shown how to light a fire using simple materials. Every child had a go at using a flint and steel to make a spark to start a fire.  The children also learned how to make a simple vegetable broth which they all enjoyed eating at the end of the session.