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Mrs Bentley

Friday 23rd June.

This week we have been reading the Greek Myth 'Theseus and the Minotaur'.

You can listen to a version of this myth and find out about the origins of the story on the following website:


After listening to the story, some of the children created a poem about how it would feel to be wandering through the labyrinth using their senses (touch, smell, hearing and sight):


Useful Websites

Easter egg hunt

The Heritage Project

On Friday, all of Year 5 began preparing the planters and areas in the Peace Garden ready for sowing the seeds as part of our Heritage Project. We have been learning about the importance of 'growing your own' produce during World War 1 and the efforts of women during the war to manage the farm work to ensure people did not run out of food. We will be visiting Broom House Farm to see the workings of a farm and also Beamish to see what it was like to store food and use food 100 years ago. The final part of our project involves taking the produce we grow in the Peace Garden and taking it to sell at a farmer's market in Durham later this year. We are very excited to be taking part in the project and look forward to sharing our work with Mrs Chrisp who has organised it all. 

Halloween Disco

Halloween Disco 1
Halloween Disco 2
Halloween Disco 3
Halloween Disco 4
Halloween Disco 5
Halloween Disco 6
Halloween Disco 7
Halloween Disco 8
Halloween Disco 9
Halloween Disco 10
Halloween Disco 11
Halloween Disco 12
Halloween Disco 13
Halloween Disco 14
We had a great time at the Halloween Disco. The children were hardly recognisable in their costumes and make-up. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped organise this fantastic event.


Diwali 1
Diwali 2
Diwali 3
Diwali 4
Diwali 5
Diwali 6
Diwali 7
Diwali 8
Diwali 9
Diwali 10
Diwali 11
We have been learning about the Hindu festival of 'Diwali' or 'Festival of Lights'. 

Lights of all shapes and sizes are illuminated to guide Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, to the homes of worshippers, who also leave their doors and windows open so she can enter their houses.

The festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil, and light wiping away the darkness of the world.

To join in with celebrations, we have been making tealights, designing cards and decorating biscuits. We have also looked at and designed our own Mehndi patterns on hands as this is a tradition during the celebrations.


Devotees light candles near the sacred pond of the illuminated Golden Temple, the holiest of Sikh shrines in Amritsar, India
A woman from the Hindu community holds an earthen oil lamp while taking part in a ceremony to celebrate Diwali in Lahore
A Pakistani Hindu family offers prayers and light candles as they mark Diwali, the Festival of Lights, in Lahore

Earth and Space

Earth and Space 1

The children were set the task of finding out the order of the planets in our Solar System and using an Ipad to research the most interesting fact for each of them. They then created their own informative diagram to show each of the facts they had found and the also ordered the planets correctly.


We have been learning Mnemonics to help us remember the order of the planets.


My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming (Planets)  (Pluto - Dwarf Planet)


My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine (Pizzas)    (Pluto - Dwarf Planet)


Can you think of a Mnemonic to help?

Aztec Masks

Aztec Masks 1
Aztec Masks 2
Aztec Masks 3
Aztec Masks 4
We have been researching about why the Aztecs wore masks and have been designing masks of our own to add to our topic display board. We are thoroughly enjoying this topic. So far we have found out about here the Aztecs eventually settled and what made them settle in that particular area. An update of our discoveries about this civilisation will follow very soon.

Destination Judo

Destination Judo 1
Destination Judo 2
Destination Judo 3
Destination Judo 4
Destination Judo 5
Destination Judo 6
Destination Judo 7
Destination Judo 8
Destination Judo 9
Destination Judo 10
Destination Judo 11
Destination Judo 12
Destination Judo 13
Destination Judo 14
Destination Judo 15
Destination Judo 16
A huge thank you goes to John from Destination Judo who came into school and gave us a brilliant demonstration lesson. Everyone had lots of fun and well as practised new skills. Lessons are available at The Pavilion in Peterlee on a Saturday morning. All levels of experience are welcome.

Drama Workshops

We have begun our Drama lessons with Kelly, an actor from The Academy at Shotton Hall. So far we have taken part in games involving various levels of co-operation and team work from whole class to partner work and have thoroughly enjoyed all the games so far which have included 'Splat' 'Torpedo' 'Crows and Cranes' and 'Can you find...' Kelly will be working with our class every Tuesday up until Christmas and then we will be preparing for a performance at The Academy at Shotton Hall. More information to follow after Christmas so watch this space!

School Council Representatives

School Council Representatives 1
School Council Representatives 2
Elections have been held for the positions of Class Council Representatives. Congratulations to Hamna and Jacob for successfully being appointed. Meetings have been scheduled and they have already been involved in making suggestions from our class about how our school will support Children in Need. Well done again to you both!!

Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity 1
We have each designed our own flower to symbolise our uniqueness within the world. We have discussed the importance of treating everyone fairly and with respect as well as celebrating each of our differences. We really do make a beautiful garden together!

Mr Stink

Mr Stink 1
Our English work for this half term is based on the novel 'Mr Stink' by David Walliams. All of our SPaG, reading, writing and drama will be linked to this very entertaining read. We are up to Chapter 4 so far and absolutely loving it!

Earth and Space

Earth and Space 1
We are super excited to begin our Science topic 'Earth and Space'. So far we have looked at evidence that supports the argument that our Earth is spherical and now we are discovering facts about the planets in our Solar System. Ask any one of us the order of the planets and maybe we can let you in on our mnemonic trick!

Roald Dahl Novel - Matilda

Roald Dahl Novel - Matilda 1
Roald Dahl Novel - Matilda 2
Roald Dahl Novel - Matilda 3
We have begun the year with a fantastic couple of weeks working on the Roald Dahl Novel of Matilda. We have enjoyed reading the story as well as writing diary entries and made collages of parrots. Along with this, we have watched part of the film and compared the events to those in the book. A very enjoyable start to the year!!

Our Class Charter

Our Class Charter 1
Here are the promises we have made to help make everyone's Year 5 experience as fantastic as possible. Our 'Helping Hands' will help us aim high to be 'The best we can be'.

Here you will find information about important class routines.