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Sparky the Magnificent Dragon

This is 4C's Mascot, Sparky the Magnificent Dragon. Children who try their best and behave sensibly have the chance of becoming the Star of the Day. Every day the class vote for a Star and the chosen child will keep Sparky on their desk. At the end of each week a Star of the Week will be chosen and they will get to take Sparky and his diary home to record their adventures together. 

Who will be chosen next?

Class Charter

Year 4 Key Task


As part of our Topic subject The Stone Age, the children have been given a key task that will challenge them to learn as much as they can about how early humans survived in order to successfully complete it.


The key task is to:

Create a survival kit for nomadic life 



Welcome to 4C


The children have made a fantastic start to Year 4. The entire class have grown and matured over the summer holiday and this has helped them make a productive start to Year 4 routines. I am really impressed by how well they have settled into daily routines. The children have enjoyed learning how to use cursive writing and I know that many of the children will achieve a pen license by Christmas.


It is very pleasing that many of the children are taking their reading book home and reading at least three times. I very much appreciate you taking the time to read with your child and making a short comment in their Reading Diary. 


A reminder that on Fridays, the children have PE and swimming. 

Class Welcome Letter

School Council Reps


4C have selected two School Council members, Sophie and Jayden. 

The children have written a statement of intent:

Sophie: “As a School Council Rep I would like to help children to be kinder to one another. I would like to get better, stronger equipment so things do not break easily. I would like to get higher fences so that balls do not go missing. I want to know what the children in school need to make the school a better place.”


Jayden: “As a school council rep I would like to improve the playground and the school field so that everyone can have fun. I would like to have activities in the woodland area and get new balls to play with at break times. I also want to improve the trim-trail so it is more fun. I want to improve the school and have clubs for everyone.”



4C have selected two Eco-Rangers, Brooke and Joshua.

The children have written a statement of intent:

Brooke: “As an Eco-Ranger I would like to help the school save money. I would like to start a gardening club so everyone can learn how to take care of the environment.”


Joshua: “As an Eco-Warrior I want to get rid of any thorn bushes and nettles around school so that children will be safer. I will make sure that the lights will be switched off in the classroom if no-one is using it.”