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Miss Sharp

Welcome to 3S!


Here in 3S we have had a lovely few weeks settling in and getting to know each other. The children have loved exploring our brand new classroom and learning all of our KS2 routines!

Woodhorn Mining Museum - Thursday 9th November.


As part of our topic work, we visited Woodhorn Mining Museum. Throughout the day we were able to participate in three different activities; a colliery tour, a mining experience, and a pitman painter workshop. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring all of the buildings and equipment and even got to experience what it would have been like for the miners crawling through the small tunnels!


The children behaved perfectly and were amazing ambassadors for our school. I am very proud of them all!


Below are some pictures of our visit:


Rocks and Fossils!


In our Science lessons this term, we have been learning about Rocks, Soils and Fossils. The children have really enjoyed learning about the different types of rocks and their properties. To bring this topic to a close we held a 'Rock Detective' afternoon, where the children were able to investigate the properties of different rocks. We found out that Limestone is the most reactive rock by watching it fizz when vinegar was poured on it, whilst we also found out that Coal was the lightest rock as it floated when we placed it in water.





Our Marvellous Medicines!


Our class novel this term is George's Marvellous Medicine. The children have spent the last couple of weeks planning how they would make their own Marvellous Medicines and thinking about how they would use imperative verbs and time conjunctions to write a set of instructions. The children have worked really hard over the last few weeks and have produced some wonderful work, well done Year 3! 


Every child produced some amazing writing, below is just the highlight of some of the incredible writing:




We are Mathematicians! 


Over the past couple of weeks in our Maths lessons we have began looking at formal methods for addition. We have found this very difficult, but we have practised lots in our Maths lessons through lots of practical activities and group work. Well done to all of 3S for working hard and not giving up with this tricky topic! 


Shotton Colliery Wheel


In order to help us understand more about Shotton's local history and geography we went for a local walk to visit the Colliery Wheel. The children had lots of fun exploring the wheel and drawing what they observed. We discussed what material we thought the wheel was made from, why the wheel might be there and whether we think this is the only Colliery Wheel in the North-East. We even found some of our relative's names on the memorial plaque!


We will use this trip to help us in our Topic lessons next week as we begin to learn about life in the mines!



Thursday 28th September - National Poetry Day


The children loved celebrating National Poetry Day today. As a class, we read 'If I were King' by A.A. Milne and had lots of fun discussing and acting out what we would do if we were king for a day (some exciting ideas included riding in a red Lamborghini!). The children used the rhymes in the poem to create their own rhyming couplets, producing some wonderful poems as a result!


Well done to everyone for their wonderful work. Here are a selection of images and poems from the day.


Tuesday 26th September


In our Science lessons this term we are learning about rocks! This week we have been exploring different types of rocks. In groups we sorted our rocks into groups using different criterion such as colour and shape. As a class, we then grouped our rocks using a Venn Diagram and a Carroll diagram.




Synonym Flowers!

14th September


Our class novel this term is George's Marvellous Medicine. This week the children have enjoyed reading the first chapter and meeting the character of George's Grandma. In George's Marvellous Medicine, lots of interesting words are used to describe Grandma. In our English lessons we have been looking at Synonyms and Antonyms that we could use in our own character descriptions of Grandma!



We are Mathematicians!


In our Maths lessons we have been learning all about Place Value. The children have been working very hard and have been producing some excellent work!


Our Class Charter

Together we have created our class charter, as a class we promise to follow these rules and respect one another. We signed our class charter by creating the outlines of our hands and decorating them with values we feel are important in our classroom. 




Eco Rangers!


Our Eco Rangers are Layton and Clayton! They promise to keep our tidy a 'green' space by checking that we are recycling all of our rubbish and are not wasting electricity in the classroom. 



School Council Reps

We spent the afternoon learning about democracy and discussing how our country uses a fair voting system to decide who represents the people in government. We discussed the importance of having someone represent our views for us, and finished our afternoon with a class vote to decide our School Council Class Reps.


Harley and Elle-Anne were voted as our class reps, they have compiled a statement:


"We promise to listen to other children's views and discuss these in our council meetings. We will try our hardest to remember to attend meetings and feedback what happens in these meetings to our class.".


Black Gold


Our topic for this term is Black Gold! On Monday we had a special assembly where 3S was given our key task, this term our key task is to design a miners' banner for Shotton Colliery. The children will be learning about the history and geography of Shotton Colliery and discovering what life will have been like as a miner.  


Reading Books


Reading books will be given to children at the end of the first week. We have an expectation at Shotton Primary that children will read at home three times each week. It would be wonderful if you could share your child's reading book with them throughout the week and comment/sign in the reading diary. Now that the children are in Y3, and to develop independence, the children are expected to place their reading bags/books in the reading box so that we can change them regularly. 




Homework will be given to children on a Friday and must be returned at any time before the following Wednesday. Homework may include spellings, Maths or English activities. 


 PE & Swimming Days 


Swimming - Tuesday morning. Children will require full swimming kit: costume/trunks, towel and a swimming hat.


PE - Wednesday afternoon. Children will require full PE kit: dark shorts/tracksuit bottoms, white PE top, trainers (hoodie/jumper for colder weather).