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Healthy Fun Day!


Despite the rain we had a great time on Monday for Healthy Fun Day! We had a very active and fun day, trying lots of new activities such as Judo and Hoopstars as well as yoga, dancing and smoothie making. 1C were fantastic at trying everything and put lots of effort into each session -Well done! 

Attendance Superstars!


Our class achieved 100% attendance last week for the first time. We got the 1st place trophy, a prize and a certificate! Well done 1C, keep it up!! 

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World Book Day 2017

World Book Day 2017 1

We had a really fun day on World Book Day, we talked about our favourite books and characters, swapped books with each other that we had brought in from home and read lots of books, stories and poems. One of our favourites was 'The Porcupine' by Roald Dahl. There is a link to an illustrated reading of the poem here...  Enjoy! 


In maths we have been learning how to measure. First we learned about ordering items by size from tallest/shortest/longest etc. then we learned how to measure accurately using a ruler. We now know how to measure in cm and also how to measure in non standard units e.g. using cubes/our hands and paper clips. We had lots of fun measuring items in the classroom. 

Chinese New Year: The Year of the Rooster

On Friday we learned all about Chinese New Year to mark the beginning of the festival.

We read a story about how the years in the Chinese calendar became named after animals (we found out that some of us were born in the year of the tiger and some of us in the year of the rabbit). Next, we looked at how people celebrate Chinese New Year with lanterns, money gifts, dragon dances and fire crackers. Then we had a fun afternoon making our own lanterns and dragon masks. 

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In maths we are learning to tell the time on the clock to the hour and half past the hour. The children have been great at remembering that the big hand points to twelve for o'clock times and next we will look at half past times. We will also be looking at time in relation to dates, e.g. learning and sequencing the days of the week as well as the months of the year. Additionally, we will be using words such as yesterday, tomorrow, morning, evening, noon etc. to help us talk about time.


To play some time games online follow this link


Take a look below at a (very competitive) game of Time Bingo we played today!

Welcome back!

After a lovely Christmas break we have all settled back in the school routine and have been working hard on lots of exciting new topics. Our topic for this term is 'Explorers'. In history we have been learning about the explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his ill fated voyage to Antarctica in 1910. We looked at his diaries online and then imagined that we were the unfortunate captain and we wrote a diary entry about the troubles he would have experienced from lack of supplies and exposure to the cold. We will be looking at other explorers such as Christopher Columbus and modern day explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes over the course of the term.


Continuing with the Antarctic theme, in Geography we have been studying the continent of Antarctica, looking at its position on the globe, maps and the differences between the North and South poles. We also discovered which animals live in Antarctica (See photo below). Next we will study the Arctic and compare the two environments.


We are looking forward to an exciting and busy term! 







We have been learning about animals in Antarctica.

We have been learning about animals in Antarctica.  1

Our trip to Raby Castle

We had such a lovely time visiting Father Christmas at Raby Castle on Monday. After a nice, but very foggy walk around the castle grounds to spot some deer we visited the grotto. Father Christmas was very pleased to see us and was very impressed with all of the letters that we had written to him in school previously, he is looking forward to taking them back to the North Pole to read them. He spent some time with each of us having a little chat then gave us a little present to take away. We just couldn't wait until Christmas to open them, we opened them straight away after leaving the grotto! All the children were really grateful for their gift and showed their beautiful manners to Father Christmas. When we got back to school we spent the afternoon having fun playing with our new games. A lovely day. 


The Tiger Who Came To Tea!

This half term we have been reading The Tiger Who Came To Tea. We have been doing lots of reading and writing about the book including re-telling the story through role play and writing, asking questions to the tiger and writing them down, including question marks at the end and writing invitations for our own parties. We also decided to have our own tea party and wrote step by step instructions for how to make tasty sandwiches. On Friday we followed our instructions and then had a class tea party with sandwiches, cakes, tea and hot chocolate.  The children really enjoyed making the sandwiches for the party, but I think they enjoyed eating them even more - there were certainly no leftovers! See below for some photographs of the children making the sandwiches and enjoying the tea party. 


Pumpkin Soup! 


Today in our design & technology lesson the children learned to prepare and make pumpkin soup. We learned how to prepare food hygienically and how to use kitchen tools safely to grate, cut and peel. We made a list of ingredients that we would need then set to work! We learned some new words like 'steam' and 'stock' and the staff were really impressed by the children remembering all the steps of the recipe. Finally (the best part!) we got to try our pumpkin soup. All the children in the class tried some of the soup. Some children thought it was delicious and others weren't so sure but we were so pleased that every child tried it. Well done 1C!  

Spooky Art!

With Halloween on the way we decided to make some spooky pictures today. We learned about silhouettes and how to create a colourful sky by pushing chalk along the paper then blending it with our fingers. We then designed our own haunted houses to stick on to our chalk skies. Here are some of our pictures and how we created them. 

Destination Judo! 

Today a judo teacher came to school to teach us some moves. We had lots of fun learning new skills and games and how to pin your opponent in judo!





In computing we have been learning to use an iPad effectively. We learned how to turn the camera so that we could take selfies, save our photo to the gallery, then how to print out pictures. Next we will learn how to edit a photograph. 


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Happy Rosh Hashanah! 


We learned about Rosh Hashanah, the celebration of Jewish New Year. We found out about about the traditional customs of the celebration and made our own shofars (horns) to join in the fun. Take a look at the slideshow below to see our shofars. 


A Walk Around Shotton


Our key task this term is to become a tour guide for Shotton. To learn more about our local environment we went for a walk around Shotton, taking note of the amenities that can be found in and around the village.  The children really enjoyed pointing out all the places where they regularly go and were very good at giving directions to different places. We took lots of photographs and in our next Geography lesson we answered questions from an imaginary visitor as to where they could go to e.g. have their hair cut, buy a pizza etc. The children have become super tour guides! Next we will be learning where Shotton is in relation to the rest of the United Kingdom. 


This half term we have been enjoying reading Funnybones. We have been doing lots of activities around the book including performing a puppet show and creating our own 'Funnybones in Shotton' stories! 



Performing our Funnybones puppet shows.

Important information about routines and expectations