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Miss Condliffe


This term in geography we are learning about the United Kingdom and exploring our local area. Last week we went for a walk around Shotton. We walked from school to the library and noticed lots of local landmarks and amenities along the way such as the church, war memorial, the doctors surgery, the post office and the 'Christmas tree'. We also looked at the interesting sculpture on the green which is an enormous pair of metal boxing gloves. Some of the children were able to explain that the sculpture was there to commemorate a famous boxer from the area. When we returned to school we looked up the boxer on the internet and discovered his name was Maurice Cullen and that he held the British Lightweight boxing title four times in his career! The children really enjoyed the walk and those who live in the village were excited to be tour guides and see their homes en route! 


This term our PE unit is gymnastics. Here we are practising how to move in different ways, walk like a gymnast and building up our range of moves. So far we have learnt how to make a star shape, a tuck, a straight shape, a straddle and a roll. We are building up the different moves into short routines. The children are having lots of fun, learning fast and improving each week. Well done 1C! 


We are reading Funnybones in Year 1. Today we read the story together for the first time and really enjoyed it! Afterwards we made stick puppets of the characters and in pairs we practised then performed a puppet show for the rest of the class. We re-told the story in our own words and imagined what the characters would say to each other. We really enjoyed watching all of the shows. Harley and Parker's show was our favourite as it was very funny and also included the song 'I believe I can fly'. 😁

A very warm welcome to Year 1