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Layers of a Rainforest- Wednesday 20th September

This week in Topic we have been looking at the four layers of a rainforest; the emergent layer, the canopy, the understorey and the forest floor. The children also learned which animals live in which layer of the forest and why. As an extra challenge the children could design their own rainforest animal. If you look closely at one of the pieces of work you will find a 'spider-pig'. 

A prediction to be proud of- Wednesday 20th September


Today the children were asked to make a prediction about what happens next in a very tense part of our class novel. Many children made lovely and accurate prediction but one child's work stood out as she was the only one to fully explain and give evidence to support her prediction. A huge well done to Lexie for this fantastic work, you should feel very proud of your hard work!

Fantastic computing!- Tuesday 19th September


This afternoon, the class were given an incredibly tricky task in Computing. We are currently working on Scratch which allows us to program characters and backgrounds. Today the children were asked to begin working with variables, very new and tricky. The class as a whole were outstanding and produced some excellent programs. They showed resilience and debugged any problems in their algorithm. I am incredibly impressed and proud of their achievement today. 

Star Awards- Friday 15th September

Star Awards- Friday 15th September 1 Ella
Star Awards- Friday 15th September 2 Luke
This week Star Awards were awarded to Ella and Luke. Ella got her Writing Award for her fantastic setting description, which she wrote on Monday and can be seen further down the page. Luke was awarded a Star Award for reading 5 times this week, twice more than is expected. It is clear that he is trying to learn more and improve every day. He also got this award for his efforts in writing yesterday. Both children are stars and should be incredibly proud of themselves. 

Another Big Well Done- Thursday 14th September


We are up to chapter 3 in the class novel, Kensuke's Kingdom. In this chapter Michael, the main character, write logs for the ship. He talks about the destinations they reached, the people they met and the animals they saw. The children were given the task of writing their own log entry. I have chosen 3 fantastic logs, written by Halima, Maria and Ellie. All the children produced great work but these 3 stood out in particular. Luke also showed a huge improvement and it was clear how hard he had worked today. 

Rainforests Key Task- Thursday 14th September

This term, Year 5's topic is Rainforests. The key task that the children will complete before the end of the topic is 'To make a rainforest in a box'. If you have a shoe box at home, bring it in as soon as possible for me to store ready for the task. 

Reminders- Thursday 14th September


5C will have PE every Thursday in the afternoon. They will swim also on a Thursday afternoon up until February half term. After Febuary half term, PE will be the same but the children will no longer swim.

Class Charter- Thursday 14th September

Class Charter- Thursday 14th September 1 5C's class charter
On the first day back, 5C wrote their own class charter. The class charter is a set of rules the children make themselves so behaviour expectations are clear. The children use the school rules poster, their rights poster and their own experiences to create this charter. It is important that all children understand what is expected, which is why the children write the rules themselves. 5C then had fun designing and making their own name label which they stuck around the class charter to show that they will follow these rules. 

School Council- Thursday 14th September

School Council- Thursday 14th September 1 Francesca
School Council- Thursday 14th September 2 Dylan
Francesca and Dylan are incredibly excited to become part of the School Council. They will meet with other School Council reps to make decisions on how we can improve as a school. 

Eco Rangers- Thursday 14th September

Eco Rangers- Thursday 14th September 1 Ryan
Eco Rangers- Thursday 14th September 2 Phoebe
Ryan and Phoebe are 5C's Eco Rangers. They have the very important job of looking after our school, in regards to the environment. Their daily jobs are to make sure lights aren't left on, the class is recycling and we are all being careful to look after the environment. They will also be part of a whole school team who will decide on how best we can make the school more eco friendly. 

Ella's fantastic setting description- Tuesday 12th September

A Big Well Done! Tuesday 12th September


Yesterday the class read chapter two of the class novel, Kensuke's Kingdom. The children used this chapter as inspiration to write their own setting description of Michael, the main character, on board the family's boat at night. Here you can see the fantastic imagination and excellent language Ella has used in her writing. Many children wrote fantastic pieces but this writing stood out for the emotion and beauty it portrays. 

Homework, Reading and Spelling


Homework and spellings will be handed out on a Monday. It is expected that children hand their homework in by Friday. As the children are now in Upper Key Stage 2, they will get one piece of English homework and one piece of Maths homework. Spellings will be tested on Friday.


It is a whole school expectation that children read 3 times at home and get 3 comments by Friday. School books will be changed on a Friday. If children finish their book early, they are able to take a book from the class library or read their own, these should still be commented on in the reading record. 


It is incredibly important that spelling, homework and reading is completed as it will support their  learning. 



Year 5 Welcome Letter- Monday 11th September

Settling In- Friday 8th September


5C have settled into the school year with great maturity. They are working exceptionally hard in all subjects. We had a new class member join us on the first day back and the whole class welcomed him with a caring and helpful attitude. The children are enjoying the start of their new class novel Kensuke's Kingdom, a Michael Morpurgo book. They are looking forward to starting our new topic, Rainforests, this Wednesday and I am sure there will be many rainforest facts coming home to share with family and friends.


Star Awards- Friday 8th September


Halima and Dylan received this week's Writing and Star Award. Halima produced an outstanding, high quality recount of the survival workshop. She included all the grammar and punctuation that was expected and I could see her own writing style coming through. Well done Halima. 

Dylan received a Star Award for settling into his new class with confidence and enthusiasm. He has had a great week. Great work!

Survival Workshop- Wednesday 6th September

The whole of Year 5 had a fantastic morning with Sam and Sarah, who taught so many survival skills. The children were perfectly behaved and made some outstanding shelters made only from materials found in our very own woods. The children were very resourceful and brought an imagination and flare to their creations.