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Important information about routines and expectations

Wolf Leaflets

Wolf Leaflets 1
Wolf Leaflets 2
Wolf Leaflets 3
Wolf Leaflets 4
Wolf Leaflets 5
Wolf Leaflets 6
Wolf Leaflets 7
Wolf Leaflets 8
Wolf Leaflets 9
Wolf Leaflets 10
Wolf Leaflets 11
Wolf Leaflets 12
Wolf Leaflets 13
Wolf Leaflets 14
Wolf Leaflets 15
Wolf Leaflets 16
Wolf Leaflets 17
Wolf Leaflets 18
Wolf Leaflets 19
Wolf Leaflets 20
Wolf Leaflets 21
Wolf Leaflets 22
Wolf Leaflets 23
Wolf Leaflets 24
Wolf Leaflets 25
For the last few days, 4C used their computing skills to researching wolves to make an informative leaflet. Once the research was collected, the children planned which research they wanted where on the template. They then spent a lesson writing up all that they had found out and making their leaflet appealing to the reader. In the pictures you can see their work from start to finish. I was very proud of their work and all the effort they had put in. 

Maths symmetry investigation

Maths symmetry investigation 1
Maths symmetry investigation 2
Maths symmetry investigation 3
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
This week in year 4 we have been learning about shapes and their properties. Today the children worked systematically and incredibly hard to complete a symmetry investigation. Their aim was to find as many different ways they can make a symmetrical pattern using the shame size grid but different mirror lines. The children used horizontal, vertical and diagonal mirror lines. 
On Tuesday 28th March, Year 4 visited the National Glass Centre in Sunderland. We were greeted by some fantastic staff who work there and we split into our class groups. 4C were lucky enough to have James as our teacher for the day. James was on TV this year as a contestant in the Great Pottery Throw Down. He is famous! We did some fantastic activities such as; drawing and comparing architecture, designing stained glass windows, designing a glass tile then painting the glass before finally seeing a demonstration of glass blowing.  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and their behaviour was exceptional. They did the school proud. 

Where's Wally!

Where's Wally! 1
4C's fantastic Where's Wally costumes. 

Homemade Costumes

Homemade Costumes 1
I was incredibly impressed with the home made costumes. They were all really well made and thought through. Some children even had home made knitted hats! 

Bought costumes

Bought costumes 1
Some lovely shop bought costumes. 

World Book Day Readathon

Our class joined in the Peterlee partnership readathon along with many pther schools. 4C read Roald Dahl's revolting rhyme- Little Red Riding Hood. The children then watched the animation. The children loved the silliness of the poem and this inspired many to read some more of the revolting rhymes. 

The First Winner

The First Winner 1
In our class we use Class Dojo as rewards. Our class target is 100 and Warren was the first to reach this. His hard work and effort daily really has paid off. Great work!

Internet Safety Certificates

Internet Safety Certificates  1
Internet Safety Certificates  2
Internet Safety Certificates  3
Internet Safety Certificates  4
Internet Safety Certificates  5
As class 4C did so amazingly well with their internet safety work, they all received certificates to show how hard they worked. 

Safer Internet Day

Today, 7th February, we have been learning about the power of images. As a class we discussed what kind of image sharing we do online, using social media, as a school and using mobile devices. The class discussed the positives of being able to share images but also the negatives that can arise from it. Looking at lots of different images we decided what messages images can give people and what information it can also give away. The children were then able to take selfies and friendship photos using the ipads in a safer way. Some of their photos were great! You can see some of the work we did in the pictures. 
Last Wednesday in Year 4, we were lucky enough to be invited to plant trees in Shotton Colliery. The children were so excited to make a difference to their community and help the wildlife. All wrapped up warm, we headed out past the pit wheel towards Peterlee where we planted young sapling trees of all kinds. The children are looking forward to watching them grow and seeing what a positive difference they made. 

Tree Planting

Tree Planting  1
Tree Planting  2
Tree Planting  3
Tree Planting  4
Tree Planting  5
Tree Planting  6
Tree Planting  7
Tree Planting  8
Tree Planting  9
Tree Planting  10
Tree Planting  11
Tree Planting  12
Tree Planting  13

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 1
Chinese New Year 2
Chinese New Year 3
Chinese New Year 4
Chinese New Year 5
Chinese New Year 6
Chinese New Year 7
Chinese New Year 8
Chinese New Year 9
Chinese New Year 10

This year for Chinese New Year, we started looking at the story of how the years are named after different animals. We talked about different Chinese traditions and what happens each new year. 


We looked at Tangram puzzles and how they started. The children then made some fantastic Tangram pictures. All made from a square cut into 7 shapes. 

Making a racing car game

This term in Computing we are focusing on creating games using Scratch. Last week we made an Etch a Sketch, this week we have started to make a racing car game. All the children are learning new skills from each other. 

Making our annual calendars

This afternoon, the whole class have been making their annual calendars. We decided on a sunset background and a silhouette animal, tree or other object. The children worked extremely hard to produce some great quality calendars. We hope parents love them as much as the children enjoyed making them. 

Christmas party time!

Christmas party time! 1
The boys and girls looked absolutely amazing for the Year 4 Christmas party. They had an fantastic time and smiles could be seen all afternoon. They deserved the break after all of the hard work they have been doing this term. 
To celebrate Harvest this year the children wrote acrostic poems all about Harvest. We then decorated the poem as a scarecrow. In assembly on Friday, we showed the rest of the school. They were incredibly impressed with the variety of charming scarecrows and the effort the children put into their poems. Great work class!


Our new class novel is The Winter Sleepwalker, by Joan Aiken. As an introduction to the two main characters, Teb and Scilla, the children wrote questions to ask them. Some children then took it in turn to be Teb or Scilla and answered questions. Our focus was to use the correction punctuation mark when writing questions. 

String Telephone

String Telephone 1
String Telephone 2
String Telephone 3
String Telephone 4
String Telephone 5
String Telephone 6
In Science we are learning all about sound and how sound travels. We have already learned about pitch, amplitude and sound waves. To help us understand further how sound travels we made string telephones. The children could feel the vibration of their voices in the cup, along the string and into the other cup. They could also feel the difference in vibration when they produced a high pitch sound and a low pitch sound. 

Stone Age cutting

As our topic this term is 'Time Travel', we have been learning all about the Stone Age. This week the children used authentic techniques to prepare food. They used flint to cut fruits and vegetables that may have grown in the Stone Age. Some children described the experience as 'tough' and 'hard work'. Others described it as 'hands on experience' and 'exciting'. 


We will be using this experience to write all about what life may have been like for the people of the Stone Age, how it felt and daily struggles. 

This week in Golden Time the children created some Autumn trees. The children learned a new way of drawing a winter tree and then ripped paper to make the leaves to show different textures on the paper. I was extremely impressed with what they produced and here are a few to show. 

Macmillan Afternoon

Macmillan Afternoon 1
In support of the charity Macmillan, children throughout the school were asked to wear green and bring in a donation. Here are a few children who made a real effort! As a special treat, they also got to pose with the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle- Mr Cowie. 

The Stone Age

The Stone Age 1
The children produced some fantastic cave paintings. There were so many to choose but not enough space for them. They used only the colours that would have been available then and drew some very authentic looking paintings. 

Our Friendship Garden

Our Friendship Garden  1
It is incredibly important to be kind to others not only in our class but throughout the school. In 4C we created a friendship garden. The children took it in turns to sit in the middle of the circle while other children said positive things about them. Each flower represents a child in the class. We displayed it in the classroom to remind us to think positively about others and ourselves. 


Scuba! 1
Scuba! 2
Scuba! 3

Mrs Kelly has a new hobby, scuba diving! The children were fascinated when she told them about it. So she very kindly brought in her new equipment to show all of Year 4. She explained what each part of the kit was and what she has done so far out at sea. the children were able to hold some of the kit and one Year  4 child was lucky enough to try it on! 


Mrs Kelly is dressed as a turtle. It is none uniform, dress up in green, for Macmillan.