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Key Stage 2 Celebration Assembly

Each week class teachers will identify pupils who have excelled within reading, writing, mathematics or have simply been a 'star'. During an assembly the children identified will be presented with a certificate to recognise their achievements and be proud.

Friday 30th September

Year 3

Maggie has been supporting others in Maths this week. Mr Cowie thinks you are a 'Maths Star'.

Brodie was also awarded a 'Maths Star' for great work on adding and subtracting to 100.

Writer Awards were given to Tommy for using brilliant vocabulary in his writing and to Max for his excellent work on expanded noun phrases.

Year 3's Star Award went to Amiee for her all round outstanding work in class.

Year 4

Megan achieved the 'Star Award' for her fantastic behaviour and attitude in school.

'Reader of the Week' went to Lakisha for reading lots at home, well done!

Lacey and Sian received 'Mathematician Awards' for their super work on adding 10,100 and 1000. Sian also did some amazing work on negative numbers and Roman Numerals.

Year 5

'Mathematician Award' went to Zoe for her fabulous work on rounding and ordering numbers to 10,000.

Cory and Riley have been super stars in the classroom for their teachers and class mates.

Year 6

'Writer Awards' went to Aidan and Ellie W for including prepositional and expanded noun phrases within their show sentences.

Shay was awarded a 'Star Award' for his excellent work ethic and behaviour this week.

Dean was also awarded a 'Star Award' for always producing his best work.

Friday 23rd September

Year 3

'Reader Awards' went to Lucy S for reading with great fluency and Amelia for her excellent effort in reading lots at home. 

Sophie B was the 'Star' of the year group for her impeccable behaviour, fantastic presentation and for being a very kind friend.

Year 4

'Star of the Week' went to Ayesha for being a great role model.

Zennur has been reading lots at home and earned a 'Reader Award', well done Zennur!

'Writer of the Week' went to Thalia for her great description writing and Bluebell for using superb similes.

Bailey and Caiden persevered in Maths this week to understand rounding numbers to be 'Mathematicians of the Week'.

Year 5

Asha achieved the 'Star Award' for always having a positive attitude towards school.

'Writer of the Week' went to Arianna who used subordinating clauses well in her diary entry.

Kaitlyn has been doing some impressive reading at home and was awarded the 'Reader Award'.

'Mathematician Award' went to Anna for her super work on place value. 

Year 6

Lucy and Lewis H both did a fantastic job writing a description meeting their success criteria.

'Star Award' went to Richard for always completing his tasks well in the designated time.

Taylor P has been working super hard in Maths this week and has show a real desire to achieve. Well done on achieving 'Mathematician of the Week'. 


Friday 16th September

Year 3

'Reader of the Week' in Year 3 went to Leah for her beautiful reading out loud in class when reading George's Marvellous Medicine.

Aleisha has produced some excellent work on place value and was Mr Shield's 'Mathematician of the Week'.

There was another mathematician in Mr Cowie's class and that was Harvey who was described by his teacher as a 'Maths Master'.

'Writer of the Week' went to Taylor for writing a set of excellent instructions.

Year 4

'Star of the Week' went to Warren for his fantastic attitude in all that he does!

Molly used a range of openers in her writing and Sophie wrote some great metaphors to earn themselves the status of 'Writer of the Week'.

Anthony and Amy persevered in Maths this week to understand place value and round to be 'Mathematicians of the Week'.

Year 5

Jacob, 'Star Writer', wrote a very entertaining diary entry about Chopper the parrot and Mrs Bentley was super pleased.

'Star of the Week' went to Kayden for his fantastic piece of artwork.

Year 6

Tia M has tried her absolute hardest in class and is trying to be the best she can be. Super Star this week, well done!

'Mathematician of the Week' awards went to Layton and Jolie who have both had a super attitude to learning and persevering during tasks in Maths.

Sean G was credited with 'Reader of the Week' award due to his fantastic insight into authors intentions. 



Friday 10th September

Year 3

Amy and Charlie for there fantastic attitude and start to Year 3. Well done both of you!

Year 4

Ieshea received 'Star of the Week' for fantastic effort in Music.

'Star of the Week' went to Ella who signed the song 'Tomorrow' from Annie.

'Star of the Week' also went to Jayden for his excellent behaviour throughout the week.

Year 5

Jake earned 'Star of the Week' for making a great start to Year 5 at Shotton Primary School. Welcome Jake!

Lucy produced some great work in the holidays and definitely earned 'Star of the Week'.


Herbie, Becca and Mia all received 'Star of the Week' from their teachers for their super, positive attitudes to learning. They are always willing to help too!

Shay G was 'Mathematician of the Week' as he'd showed excellent reasoning in Maths.

Friday 29th April

Year 3:

Mathematician Star Awards went to Lewis and Hannah for their fantastic effort and enthusiasm. Hannah has been doing some great work when solving multiplication and division problems.

Sian received a Writer Award for a huge improvement in all aspects of writing, brilliant!

Luke also received a Writer Award for using good vocabulary, well done!

Friday 22nd April

It was a busy time in assembly today as we shared what we had done in class linked to St. George's Day.


Year 3:

'Star Writer' went to Codie for his improved handwriting and his spellings.

'Star Reader' awards went to Bailey and Ryan for the progress they have been making, super!

Molly received 'Star Mathematician' for her excellent progress and attitude to learning.

Year 4:

Leyland has been doing some fantastic work on multiplication and awarded 'Star Mathematician'.

'Star Mathematician' also went to Eve who been learning about angles and shown a great attitude to learning.

Bekki was awarded 'Star Writer' for her excellent work on inverted commas, good job!

'Star Writer' also went to Hamna for her excellent planer for an advert.

Riley received 'Star of the week' for an excellent homework record. 

Year 5:

'Star Writer' was awarded to Kian for super re-drafting and editing.

A super increase in the amount of home reading by Dean meant he was awarded 'Star Reader'.

'Star Mathematician' awards went to Kate for her determination and Becca for fantastic division with remainders as decimals.  

Year 6:

'Star Writer' awards went to Ellie for her great persuasive writing and appropriate use of conjunctions and Katie for working conscientiously especially within grammar.

'Star Mathematician' awards went to Liam for always seeking help with any homework he is not so sure of and Leah for her superb work on mean, mode, median and range. 

Friday 15th April

It was evident many of our children are working very hard after returning from the Easter holidays.


Year 3:

Mathematician awards went to Tyler for persevering to solve  column addition and subtraction word problems and to Cameron for being a star in maths.

Thalia was awarded with 'Star of the week', super!

Year 4:

Star award went to Lilly for her excellent attitude, motivation to learn, taking pride in her work and super manners. Wow Lilly, well done!

Dylan received 'Mathematician Star' for his great work in maths this week, brilliant!

Star Reader went to Lucy for doing an excellent job this week.

Year 5:

Year 5 were awarded with special prizes by their class teachers, Mrs Bentley and Mr Shields, in Celebration Assembly. The class have been working very hard on their homework tasks linked to their rainforest topic. It was a hard decision but prizes went to...

1st Place - Mia, Ethan and Sean.

2nd Place - Tia and Charlotte.

3rd Place - Lewis, Jay, Leah and Becca.

Year 6:

Star Mathematician went to Summer in recognition of all her hard work.

Nicole was recognised for the super work she has been doing within Literacy, well done!


Friday 18th March


Year 3:

Jay has been a 'Super Star' this week and has made a huge improvement in his behaviour and has been helpful to others. We are very proud of you and hope you continue this improvement!

Lakisha has been super proactive and asking an adult to read daily with her in her playtimes and awarded 'Star Reader'.

Holly has been absent for a coupe of weeks and her teachers have been impressed with how hard she has worked to catch up on al that she missed and showing such dedication. Holly has earned the 'Star' award.

Joseph has been working hard on his spellings and always puts in 100% when learning spelling rules, super!

Year 4:

Logan and Kia were awarded a 'Star Mathematician' each for their super efforts. Logan was super rounding and Kia for excellent mental maths scores.

'Star Writer' went to Katie for writing an excellent explanation text.

Alan is the 'Star' of the group and recognised for helping others especially when reading tricky words.

Year 5:

It has very much been a team effort in Y5 this week with Kelly's Drama Group producing a great performance at Shotton Hall and the Basketball Team represented the school at a tournament and displayed amazing teamwork and sportsmanship!

Year 6:

Blake was commended for his reading skills and labelled a prolific reader, well done! He has really enjoyed our class novel, 'The Boy in the Dress'.

Sadie is such a 'maths enthusiast' and was awarded 'Star Mathematician'.

'Star Writer' awards went to Betty for her fantastic poem and Hope for her use of coordinating conjunctions.  

Friday 11th March


Year 3:

Sophie for thinking about her Science topic and bringing in lovely books for the class to share.

Hailma was rewarded for always working hard , having a super attitude and exemplary behaviour.

Hayden and Thalia are 'Star Writers'. Hayden has worked particularly hard to present his work neatly and Thalia has written some lovely instructions.

Lana has been making excellent progress in all areas of maths and awarded 'Star Mathematician'.

Alysa has been reading with excellent expression and has made a fantastic effort to read regularly, well done!

Year 4:

Adam and Kaitlyn were awarded 'Stars' , brilliant!

Jacob made everyone proud this week by displaying excellent manners whilst on a school trip and behaving like a gentleman at all times.

Kane is the 'Star Mathematician' and the division master!

Lucie amazed us by learning a very long poem and reciting it to us all in assembly, what a star!

Abi wrote a fantastic explanation text about her 'Tidy Bedroom Machine' and was accredited 'Star Writer'.

Year 5:

Jay is the year groups 'Star Reader' andrecognised for the super effort he is putting in to reading at home.

Mrs Bentley awarded all of her Maths Group for super effort and progress this week, wow!

Mr Shield also awarded 'Star Mathematician' to Shat for his brilliant PATTS test score.

Keep up this super attitude Year 5!

Year 6:

Lucy and Joshua have been super mathematicians this week. Lucy has 'just been getting on' and Joshua has been cracking algebra!

'Star Writer' went to Jack for his brilliant story opener with correctly punctuated dialogue and super vocabulary.

Tilly is simply a 'Star' and is always willing to jobs, help and ask or answer questions, super!

Friday 4th March

We had rather a full bench at the front of the hall today! The amount of children receiving an award just shows how hard everyone is working in class.

Year 3:

Milly has been making a super effort with her reading.

Caiden has made great progress in maths due to his excellent effort, well done!

Lacey is also making excellent progress and has been recognised for her super effort.

Year 4:

Kaden was recognised for being extremely patient with other children and his work, fantastic!

Alan has completed some excellent work on calculating area, good job!

Logan, when reading aloud in class, has demonstrated super expression.

Katelyn has been a star writer by starting to use to apostrophe for possession, brilliant!

Year 5:

Jolie was her class's maths star and has shown great attitude and perseverance when learning new written methods this week, super!

Aidan is the 'Star' of the year group and was rewarded for his new 'give it a try' attitude to all his work. Keep it up, we are really proud of you!

Ewan has made an excellent improvement in handwriting this week, well done Ewan!

Year 6:

Matthew has written a fantastic story opener with not only accurate dialogue but with super neat writing too!

Olivia and Tyler were awarded 'Maths Stars' because of the excellent progress they are makinking, especially when solving word problems.

Courtney is the year groups 'precise answer giver' - just brilliant!

Nicole is a 'Star' - you are always eager to learn and contribute to EVERY lesson, well done!


Friday 26th February

It was lovely to see so many children earning recognition for their achievements within school. It is obvious how proud our children are in our assembly to be awarded their well deserved certificates.


Mathematician Awards - Codie, Jay, Layton and Lily. 


Reading Awards - Joe, Leon, Lily, Lucy and Tia.


Star Awards - Ariana, Owen and Warren.