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Hearings First Committee

Terms of Reference: Hearings/First Committee

  • To make any decisions under the personnel procedures adopted by the Governing Body, e.g. disciplinary, grievance, ill health, etc. when the Head Teacher is the subject of the action.

  • To make any decisions relating to a member of staff (other than the Head Teacher) under the Personnel procedures adopted by the Governing Body (unless delegated to the Head Teacher).

  • Reducing the staffing.



This Committee meets as and when necessary.


The Head Teacher is not eligible to be part of this committee. If the Chair of Governors has prior knowledge or involvement he/she is also ineligible to sit on this committee.



Rev. A. Brooker

Mrs K. Hudson

Cllr. E. Huntington

Mrs A. McGinlay


The Chair of this committeee is Mrs K. Hudson.


Delegation to the Head Teacher

Under the 2003 Staffing Regulations the Governing Body determines the extent to which it delegates to the Head Teacher responsibility, up to and including initial dismissal decisions for school staff.