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Finance and Premises Committee

Terms of Reference

  • In conjunction with the Head Teacher to draft the first formal budget plan of the financial year.

  • To establish and maintain and up to date 3 year financial budget plan.

  • To monitor income and expenditure, reporting termly to the Governing Body.

  • To ensure that the school operates within the financial regulations, both locally and nationally.

  • To monitor expenditure of all voluntary funds.

  • To annually review charges and remissions policies and expenses policies.

  • To make decisions in respect to service level agreements.

  • To make decisions on expenditure following recommendations from relevant committees.

  • To prepare financial statements for inclusion in any reports to parents.

  • To ensure as far as practical that any health and safety issues are appropriately funded in accordance with priorities.

  • To ensure that Pay Review Committee and Pay Appeal Committee decisions are appropriately funded.

  • Ensure that the school meets Health and Safety requirements and review the school's H&S policy regularly.

  • Ensure that adequate provision is made to make the building safe and secure.

  • Ensure that buildings and the learning environment are maintained and fit for purpose.

  • Oversee the use of premises by outside providers.

  • Establish and keep under review an asset management/building development plan.

  • Establish and keep under review an Accessibility Plan.



This committee meets half-termly. When meeting there must be a minimum of 3 governors present for the committee to go ahead and conduct business.


In line with Local Authority guidelines there are agreed financial limits set for expenditure:

A limit of £5,000 is set for any one single item before approval needs to be sought from the Finance and Premises Committee.