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Finance and Funding


The school funding formula is generated by the Local Authority, to include financial provision to specifically support pupils’ individual special needs. As a school we receive notional SEN funding within our delegated budget.


This funding is rightly prioritised to support our pupils with SEN to make continuous steps of progress.

Additional funding and financial support can be applied for from the Local Authority if priorities and needs emerge.  


Detailed assessments and target tracking ensure that as much as possible is done to ensure that all learners achieve and make progress at Shotton Primary School.  Regular pupil progress meetings (half-termly) allow staff to look at specific children, their current provision and reallocate resources and staffing as is appropriate, possible and realistic.


Funding is used to:

  • Employ additional staff to promote inclusion through specific group/paired/individual provisions. 
  • Employ and train a Special Educational Needs Coordinator to liaise with parents, other professionals and outside agencies to meet the needs of our pupils.
  • Facilitate release time for Mrs Henson our SENCO and Inclusion Manager to work with external professionals to support wider professional development in relation to SEN-e.g. in writing/reviewing quality Educational Health Care Plans.
  • Allow teaching and support staff to attend professional training and meetings to ensure that they have the appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding to meet the needs of pupils with specific needs. Supply cover may be required to pay for additional staff.
  • Meet costs that are often involved in purchasing appropriate training for staff.
  • Ensure opportunities for staff, parents, pupils and other agencies to liaise regularly are facilitated.
  • Buy in’ to specialist services to work with children/and or staff to identify/meet needs or support school in meeting needs e.g. Staff training-Speech and Language Department; Educational Psychology Service; Counselling Services.
  • Provide specific learning and teaching resources required by individual programmes, or those resources which have the potential to facilitate access for all, ensuring equality of opportunity by removing barriers or compensating for any disabling factor which might prevent a child from having the same access to provision as his/her peers.


 If you have any questions about our SEND Local Offer and how our funding is used please contact the school and we will try our best to help you.