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Consulting with Children

Our arrangements for consulting children with SEN and involving them in their education

As part of our regular review of children’s progress termly SEND review meetings are held, with appropriate individuals such as class teacher, SENCO, parents/carers and outside agencies.


We would encourage children to attend so that their views can be taken into account, however there may be points within the review meeting where it is felt that it is not in the best interests of a particular child for them to be present. Parents and carers are asked to respect this and be supportive of the advice given.   As we move towards  this approach in a more direct manner, it is vital that children:

  • Are given supportive time to prepare for their involvement in review meetings
  • Understand the purpose of the review meeting
  • Have been able to reflect upon how current provision is impacting upon themselves as individuals in an age appropriate manner linked to their developmental needs.


As a school we need to consider the need to facilitate this supportive role within school utilising existing resources.


Consultation with families is key to securing success in terms of consulting with pupils with SEND. We focus upon taking a joint, collaborative approach and endeavour to ensure that this is what you will experience, through regular contact, sufficient notice to attend review meetings, protected and sufficient time set aside for review meetings, sharing of pertinent information and a familiar named contact for any concerns or worries.