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William Shakespeare- The Greatest Ever Playwright...

It is important that we are aware of the significant impact individuals have had upon our society, culture and heritage. As such the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare was a really significant week for us to take notice of as did many part of the country, particularly Stratford upon Avon- his birthplace.


To mark this significant anniversary Mrs Hudson led an assembly with our KS2 children to mark the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare. Perhaps you might explore the following links so that you can become a Shakespearean expert.


Many experts consider that William Shakespeare is the greatest ever playwright... What do you think?

Saint George's Day: A National Celebration

To mark the national day of our patron saintchildren from across the school joined together to share what they had been learning to celebrate St. George's Day.


Our Year 1 children confidently recited a poem describing the terrible dragon which brave George defeated. Children from Reception told us about the significance of the flag of England after learning all about the cross of St. George and his brave deeds. We were then treated to a dramatic poetry performance from Year 5 with Taylor bravely standing firm as she faced and slew the horrific beast. Children from Year 2 proudly showed off their shields which retold the legend of St. George and Year 3 and 4 children also designed their own individual shields inspired by the principles which guided George to be the person that he wanted to be. Miss McKnight's class also became experts on the true story behind the legend of St. George.


Perhaps you can explore the following website links and information to learn about the patron saint of our country whom the famous painter Raphael, painted so wonderfully.