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Autumn 2017

Friday 8th December


Jackson - improved effort in reading his home reading book.

Clayton - fantastic description of his Christmas dinosaur.

Maddie - super effort and contribution in Guided Reading

Maddison - super effort and contribution in Guided Reading


Year 4

Maggie - reading regularly at home.

Kane - always trying hard with everything.

Holly - STAR! For being fantastic all week.

Tommy - Maths Star! For learning his 6 and 9 times tables.


Year 5

Bailey - outstanding 'journey' story (even got a dip in Mrs Chaytor's treasure box!).

Mia - for using parenthesis perfectly in her 'journey' story (another dip in Mrs Chaytor's treasure box!).

Lana - for grasping long multiplication so well.

Hannah - regular reading and improved comprehension.




Friday 13th October

The children entered assembly with huge smiles this afternoon as many of them were feeling a sense of great pride in what they had achieved this week.  They sang beautifully; which made Mrs Chaytor smile.  It was great to see children recognising the achievements of others.  Well done Key Stage 2!

Year 3

Will - reading three times this week.  Well done!

Imogen - making an effort to read more often this week.

Thomas - for super descriptive vocabulary in writing and for superb column addition work.

Maddison - for fabulous column addition.



Maggie - for reading more than three times this week.

Alan - for great problem solving with Roman Numerals.



Lily - for reading more than three times this week.

Francesca - beautiful handwriting and effort at all times.


Year 6

Phoebe - doing a great job editing her writing.

Lucy - working exceptionally hard to use written and mental methods when adding.

Riley - excellent comprehension skills!  Well done.

Kia - great problem solving with negative numbers.

Summer - for doing extra homework!  Great attitude to learning.

Friday 29th September

This week in assembly, we all celebrated our wonderful work that we had prepared following on from National Poetry Day (Thursday 28th).


Year 3

Amelia - an excellent poem about what she would do if she ' [I] Was King'.

Alister - fantastic effort in all of his lessons this week.

Jacob  - for superb knowledge about 'rocks' in science and his 'Magic Box' ideas.

Casey - A fabulous description of Grandma from 'George's Marvellous Medicine'.


Year 4

Brodie - for reading three times this week.

Alesha - for her wonderful performance of her poem.

Max - Star Award for his hard work.

Sophie - Writer Award for a fantastic acrostic poem.


Year 5

5C - fantastic effort in PE with Mrs Kelly.

Megan - excellent survival guide and poetry work.

Alysa - excellent guided reading - sharing opinions and thoughts effectively.

Thalia - for producing an excellent 'survival guide'.

Ellie - for making a very positive start to Year 5! Well done!


Year 6

Asha - a fabulous piece of writing of a ship's log.

Daniel & James - superb performance of 'The Jabberwocky'.

Hamna - a brilliant poem based upon 'The Jabberwocky'.


Friday 22nd September



Clayton - fantastic descriptive writing based on George's Marvellous Medicine.

Thomas - Detailed recount of 'Where the Wild Things Are'.

Maddie - Lovely handwriting and being kind and caring.




Amelia - reaching Mastery Maths all week.

Ben - Fantastic effort in all lessons.



Lexie - fantastic prediction that included an explanation and evidence from the text.

Leon - fantastic Roman numeral work.

Sophie - a wonderful description of the beach in Kensuke's Kingdom.

Jayden - Rounding numbers with confidence.



Huge congratulations to all of Y6 for their fabulous class assembly that was held on Thursday.  Well done to all!

15th September


Year 3

Maddie - an excellent start to Y3.

Katie - excellent determination in Place Value lessons.

Sophie - super Place Value work.

Emily - reading daily.


Year 4

Kane - outstanding behaviour.

Alisha - maths work in Place Value.

Brooke - incredible written descriptions of the Iron Man.

Jack - for reading every day this week!


Year 5

Ella - fantastic setting description.

Luke - for reading three times each week and having excellent effort in his writing.

Jack - excellent description of an ocean setting.

Joseph - reading more than expected this week!


Year 6

Ariana - trying her best in all she does and being a super help in the classroom.

Layton - contributing great ideas during class discussion for writing an explanation report.

Beth - being a star and a massive help in the classroom.

Tommy - reading regularly at home this week.

8th September

Well done to our Super Stars this week.  What a great start to the new year!



Lucy - being a fantastic helper all week.

Layton - fantastic participation in topic lessons all week.

Aaron - fab use of vocabulary: fiery eyes, devastating bite!

Eyyuphan - superb! Very polite and helpful at all times.




Millie - fantastic effort in Maths.

Noa - having a mature attitude towards his learning.

Amiee - for excellent handwriting and taking pride in her work

Kane - For helping others and being kind.




Halima - having an excellent recount of the survival workshop.

Dylan - Settling into the class with confidence and enthusiasm.




Kian - for trying hard and never giving up!

Katelyn - impressing teachers with her fluent reading.

Cory - for trying hard in all lessons.

Eve - reading regularly at home this week.